do you have an idea to teach but not sure how to do it?
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YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED TO share your artistic process with others. Do you have an idea to teach but not sure how to do it?
Sign up below to receive a free quiz that will help you evaluate your idea and figure out whether it is an online course, a membership, or a Patreon account.
It’s no accident that you have happened upon this page. When you download this quiz, you'll be able to step back and refine what you want to share with the world. Do you feel called to teach? Or maybe even just put out a mini-course that people have been asking you for?

More and more people are avoiding going back to school and instead, seek out specialized training from people who have done it themselves. This is such an exciting time and you are the only person in the world who can teach what you teach. Your experiences, the things you like and dislike, skills, and future goals all combine together into a unique package. And there are people out there who need you!

Online education is growing into a $billion per day industry!
Download the quiz (and the course planner if you're not sure what to teach) and really dig in. At some level, sharing your light is at the heart of your purpose. Right?

Inside, you’ll discover universal truths (and little flickers of light), like:

✔️ Why there’s really no such thing as “the stages of grief”– and you shouldn’t be cruel to yourself if your healing doesn’t follow a linear path 

✔️ The ways grief affects us beyond our emotions – and why it’s okay (and normal) if each day of grieving looks (and feels) different

✔️ Why “grief therapy” isn’t the right path for most people–and what to do instead

When you’re grieving, you feel broken. But just like other things in nature, if we properly take care of our break – if we set and straighten it with wisdom and stitch it back together with a little bit of hope – our broken place can become our greatest strength and greatest source of healing. And it’s okay to do it our way!

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I'm Kristina Solheim and I help artists, like you, who might feel a little shy, and a bit of an outsider, to make their art into a career. I teach you how to set up your business to run smoothly so you can focus on your creative practice. Totally obsessed with business programs, books and podcasts, and art classes, my gift is distilling it all down for you in language that's easy to understand.

Believe me! I've always felt like I just didn't fit in. My art was a tad weird or too woo-woo... I'm a huge collector of crystals, handmade watercolors, pens, oracle decks and empty canvases. What kind of collector are you? Do you get stressed scrolling perfectly-coiffed photos on Instagram? Feel like you're not ready to come out from behind the easel? Well, don't worry. I get you.

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