INTRODUCING: A Planning Worksheet for Your Art Business
What Would You Do With a crystal ball for Your Art Business?
Crystal Ball Worksheet
It is TOUGH starting out as an artist AND figuring out how to run a business at the same time!

Being financially supported by your art should be simple, and it can be, with the right strategy.

The Crystal Ball For Your Art Business is a simple one-page PDF for you to do some math (in a fun way!) for how your business can fully support you and your career! You'll start by determining how much you need to make, then the fun begins- you'll tweak and explore how your business can work best for you.  Time to think outside the box! This tool will be helpful no matter if you're just starting out, or if you have already made some sales.

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Kristina Solheim
Kristina Solheim is a business coach and mixed-media artist. Her passion is to help artists build their businesses with ease, allowing plenty of space for creativity to flourish and her gift is translating all that "business-speak" into "creative-speak" so you can spend your time wisely as you grow your art business.

Kristina coaches artists 1:1 (see more info here) and runs Artful Career Academy which has courses dedicated to career development for artists. Design Your Artful Career starts September 30, 2018 and Design Your Artful Business starts in February 2019. 

You can reach her at
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