Enrollment Opens again in February 2019.
Design Your Artful Career
Are you ready to stop dreaming about being an artist and start building your career?
You’ve been taking classes and working on developing your style, but you feel more confused than ever!

You're trying to piece together how to make money as an artist on your own, with no help.

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step, and have someone you could ask questions when you need to. Especially about all the technology and marketing needed to sell your art!
All you want is...
more creative flow
consistent income, less stress
Feel guided by your soul's purpose
simple, supportive Business strategies
Imagine what it will feel like when your business is running smoothly and finally you are making enough money to support you and your lifestyle!
  •  You finally have amazing creative flow.
  •  You get to make art without worrying about consistent income!
  •  Your friends and family tell you how proud they are that you took the leap and are sharing your art with the world.
"Do not wait; the time will never be 'just right.' Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have, and better tools will be found as you go along" - George Herbert
You’re ready to start your career as an artist, but you’ve got lots of questions!
“How do I even start selling my art?”

“I don’t have a website, how can I show collectors what I’ve got and who I am?"

“Starting my art biz is so daunting, I don’t know where to start first.”

That’s why I’ve created Artful Career Academy, and this first step-by-step course << Design Your Artful Career.
Design Your Artful Career is a 12-week online career development course that will take you from dreaming about being a working artist, to launching your unique artful career.
Design Your Artful Career
What do former students say about Artful Career Academy?
testimonial by Sarah Danby
"It’s been twenty years since I popped all my art supplies up into the loft after art college, and got stuck in with day-to-day life, marriage, children and a comfortable beauty and holistic therapy business, far away from art, and all those art college intentions!  Creativity just started nagging at me !!! I discovered I was full of great ideas but plagued by self-doubt !

Then, I discovered Kristina and the Artful Career Academy.  I’m so glad I did ! I remember my first one-on-one call with Kristina. She absolutely got me; understood my fears, my goals, my waffling that I could do this! And from that day on, I committed to myself and the Academy! " - Sarah Danby
testimonial by Barb Marden
"Kristina has put together a well-structured program to help aspiring artists create a vision for their art and begin to bring it out into the world in the way that best suits them. She has been a huge support to me as I have gone from just thinking about making and selling art to actually having my art in some local shows. " - Barb Marden
Testimonial Desiree Sanchez
"Kristina has such a knowledgeable and encouraging approach. I worked with Kristina while getting ready to paint at a large event. She guided me through creative overwhelm and helped me to focus on the aspects of this challenge that were going to help me grow and develop as an artist. Helping me along the way, I knew I could count on her whenever I needed a motivational pick me up or a reminder me to be confident in my work.." - Desiree Sanchez
Before Taking This Course:
  •  You want to hide when you see artist after artist sharing their gorgeous pieces online that seem to sell effortlessly.
  •  It’s a struggle to even get through the courses you’ve purchased because you feel like your art just looks like the teacher’s art.
  • You feel depressed about your art and worry that you’ll never have a recognizable style.
  •  Your art supplies sit in their original packaging gathering dust.
After Completing This Course:
  •  You have a clear vision of what you want to become.
  •  You’ve made a mindset shift into action and no longer want to hide.
  •  Your art space feels cozy and organized. You know where your favorite supplies are and are able to sit and drop into your creative flow when you want.
  •  You are excited about how everything works together and figured out the steps to take to launch your art business in 2019.
  •  You understand how working artists go full-time in their business and have so many ideas on how to make money with your art.
  •  You’ve worked 1:1 with a business coach who helped you to focus on what will support you full-time, and helped you create the plan to get there.
12 Weeks of Online Course Content:
  •  Phase 1 : Visioning (weeks 1 - 2)
Dreaming Into Your Big Goals.  You’ve got big dreams, now’s the time to get clear. The first lesson will make your goals very real to you and break through that first barrier towards becoming a working artist.

Choose Your Own Adventure. In our second lesson, we’ll look at some working artists and how they make money. You’ll get an idea of how to layer products and teaching so that you have consistent income rather than worrying about your next sale.

Setting the Timer. We will meet for our monthly live session and you’ll pick a target- something exciting or even scary! Like submitting a piece to a show, signing up for a craft fair, or finally launching your website.
  •  Phase 2: You, the Artist (weeks 3 - 9) 
Courses Review. You’ll put together a list of all the coursework you’ve done in art and business and we’ll look at strategies for finishing what you need to finish, and for evaluating new courses before you buy them.

Your Soul’s Purpose. We’ll use core values and personality assessments to get in touch with what fulfills us. Then you’ll do some private work on what sets your soul on fire.

Art School. We’ll go over some of the things you learn if you go to art school and practice critical response methods.

The Artist Resume. As a group, we will craft our resumes and determine some goals for career development. You’ll choose a publication to approach, or develop a lesson idea to teach and start working on fattening up your resume.

You, the Expert. We will learn more about our individual mindset blocks like imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and resistance including some great tools to use when you feel yourself drowning in doubt.

Time is Precious. In our monthly live session, we will look at how we spend our time and work out our priorities. We’ll also talk about organization and routines that will help us make the most of our valuable time.

Web of Support. We will practice the weekly “reach-out” by networking with peers and former teachers. You’ll have the opportunity to seek out a mentor and we’ll do a little “artist-stalking” to get a sense of how we rise by lifting each other.
  •  Phase 3: Future Roadmap (weeks 9 - 12)
Set a goal. Following up on the target you set in Phase 1, you’ll research local events, online groups, and publications to find something to commit to doing. We’ll discuss everything that should be ready when your event comes.

Artist Development Plan. Using the spreadsheet, you’ll note what you’ve accomplished so far, and select three goals for your career. (note: first draft required for advising appointment)

1:1 Advising Appointment with Kristina Solheim. We’ll review your Artist Development Plan and refine your goals for your career.

December live session: 2019 Business & Career Planning Workshop
testimonial by Theresa Miers
" I am creating a livable income for myself with my art and knowledge. But having limited tech skills and no clear vision of what my thing might look like.  I needed to find a coach for the business part, who understood the artist ambition, and keep me from getting overwhelmed.

Since finding Kristina, I have gone from having muddled ideas, to feeling confident. All the tech stuff doesn't overwhelm me anymore as I can get help whenever I need it. "  - Theresa Miers
Along with access to the course, you get...
  • A second 1:1 advising session with your coach Kristina Solheim to be taken by the end of 2020 to refine your Artist Development Plan.
  • BONUS Training: Why You Should Be On Instagram- How to set up your art business account with a super fast marketing strategy.
Start on your path to your unique artful career on March 1
12-week Online Program
Monthly LIVE Working Sessions
Two 1:1 Advising Sessions to develop your Artist Development Plan
2019 Career & Business Planning Workshop
Access to course materials through end of 2020
*with early-bird discount

Enrollment opens February 2019!
Everything in the standard option
+ Three 1:1 Career Coaching Sessions*

*Valued at $150/session
*with early-bird discount

Enrollment opens February 2019!
Enrollment closes:
"How do I know if I'm ready for 
Design Your Artful Career?"
You are 100% ready if:
  •  You KNOW you can’t live your life without making art.
  •  You wish someone would give you the step-by-step roadmap to becoming an artist.
  •   You’re feeling excited and nervous about taking this step.
  •  You might have made a couple sales, but it just stressed you out more because you have no idea how to have consistent income as an artist.
  •  You want to celebrate January 1, 2019 with a detailed plan in hand for launching your artful career.
You are NOT ready for this course if:
  •  You are unable to devote at least 4 hours per month to working on your career
  •  You don’t have anything motivating you to make extra money or to live debt-free.
  •  You are not open to making money from being an artist.
This is not just a course you buy and never take. Support and accountability are built right in!
You can complete the course lessons in comfy yoga pants on your couch, as long as you have an Internet connection! The entire program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal. And you'll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule.

But there’s something even cooler! This course is set up to work with the busiest of schedules. Take advantage of monthly live working sessions with Kristina to do the work in one sitting. Live sessions will start out with Q&A for folks who can’t stay for the whole time, then we’ll move into the work for that month. 

With our new monthly working sessions, you will have a three-hour block once per month to sit with Kristina LIVE to go through that month’s content and ask questions. Best thing is, we’ll work with our cameras off! You are encouraged to attend in pajamas! 

There has never been a better time to start building your career. 
Starting now will allow you to:
  •  Make huge progress on reaching your goals THIS YEAR!
  •  Take advantage of the low price and bonuses.
  •  Start making money as an artist in 2019!
Think about how you’ll feel at the end of the year if you have not taken the leap! 
Business Coach Kristina Solheim
Hi!  I'm Kristina Solheim and my passion is to help artists build their businesses with ease, allowing plenty of space for creativity to flourish and my gift is translating all that "business-speak" into "creative-speak" so you can spend your time wisely as you grow your art business.
"A huge thank you! I’m on my way ! I’ve made baby step after baby step. My fear has been reduced, my ideas are focused, my actions are now more continuous and the Artful Career Academy has been an incredible support and place of guidance. Totally recommend! " - Sarah Danby
Working With A Business Coach
You can do this! You can go from dreaming about becoming an artist, to crafting your unique artful career and taking steps to make it reality. By starting TODAY, you will be in the best possible place, come January 1, 2019, to start making money as an artist!

But it’s up to you! You need to decide if you can live your life without making art., or if you’re ready for your art to start supporting you.

"Kristina is full of empathy, suggestions, structure, and encouragement! She has your best interests at heart and she utterly believes in you! The Academy is full of tips, tools for action-taking, guidance, different perspectives. An overall firm, continuous structure that contains you along your artful journey ." - Jenn Sher

Why work with me? Just like you, I'm a multi-passionate artist. I've gone through what you are going through. Over the last 20 years, I've taken a gazillion(!) classes, and spent way too much on art supplies (who doesn't love a trip to the art store??). I lacked confidence with my art, I struggled so much. It took years of work before I started selling my paintings. 

My big leap came when I sold my first pour painting, seemingly by accident, on Instagram. I sold 9 more paintings in the next two months, including several commissioned for the holidays. Sometimes, all it takes is a little outside push and everything you’ve been working for, falls into place. There are no overnight successes, it’s a long road, but we can use shortcuts to get us there if you’re willing to take action.

Using my background in counseling and high tech operations, and years studying business in this global online economy, I developed my business coaching practice.  I love helping artists 1:1 but as the years went by, it felt like there was a roadmap missing.  A step-by-step shortcut I could give artists to help them start their art careers rather than just focusing on developing their styles. The Artful Career Academy (ACA) came to me one afternoon in a flash of inspiration (I'm sure you've had those!) and it is my soul's work! 

So excited to welcome you to the first course in ACA: Design Your Artful Career.  I'm looking forward to seeing you take that big leap and be ready to start 2019 with confidence.
Ready to commit to your artful career?
12-week Online Program
Monthly LIVE Working Sessions
Two 1:1 Advising Sessions to develop your Artist Development Plan
2019 Career & Business Planning Workshop
Access to course materials through end of 2020
*with early-bird discount

Enrollment opens February 2019
Everything in the standard option
+ Three 1:1 Career Coaching Sessions*

*Valued at $150/session
*with early-bird discount

Enrollment opens February 2019
Busy? Juggling life and art?
You can do this course even if you are super busy with three kids and a part-time job (or whatever combination of responsibilities you have!).
All videos will be available in an audio version that you can download and listen during your commute, carpool, or on a walk! 

No printer? Check out the worksheets on your phone and do the exercises in a journal.  

Short on money? Check out the payment plan which makes this super affordable. How much could you sell a painting for? How fast could you make back your investment in your career? 

Worried you will fail even if you get amazing support in this course? You have to decide whether you are ready to jump.  Can you continue the way you are now? Don't you want to start making some money with your art? Imagine January comes along and you have a clear plan for launching your career.  How great will you feel?  
"Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause and reset, or a new route to start to see new options and new possibilities." - Kristin Armstrong
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
When does the course begin and end?
TBD and runs for 12 weeks (holiday weeks off). You'll have access to the course materials until the end of 2020.
What is the time commitment for the course?
Everyone has different lifestyles (responsibilities!) so I suggest 30-45 minutes per week for 12 weeks, or attending the 2-hour live sessions which I will give once per month and go through all the materials.
I'm a beginner.  I love this idea, but how much experience should I have before taking this course?
This course was created for multi-passionate artists at the beginning of their careers. Most of us didn't go to art school and are self-taught.  This course is perfect for you if you are ready to commit to your career as an artist and want to get there quickly.  Just the accountability and support alone will help you advance.
What are the payment options?
You can choose to pay in three installments, or save $50 by paying in full. Tuition cost is $699 for standard program and $999 for VIP program.  Early Bird discount of $200 off tuition expires TBD. yes, the discount is spread across the payments as well.
What is the VIP program?
If you know you can use a little more 1:1 support, the VIP program is the best option for you! You get the full DYAC course (including all the monthly working sessions, advising calls and workshops) PLUS three 1:1 coaching sessions at a considerable discount (valued at $150/session). Your coaching calls can be taken monthly, or weekly if you need concentrated support to launch a project.  The VIP program adds three 1:1 coaching sessions for $300.  I do offer a 3 payment plan as well, or you can pay in full to save an additional $50.
What is Artful Career Academy and how does Design Your Artful Career fit with it?
Design Your Artful Career is the first course to take within the Academy.  It will be followed up by Design Your Artful Business.  Artful Career Academy is a super supportive career development program for multi-passionate artists created by Business Coach Kristina Solheim of Get to the Art. For more information, you can check out www.artfulcareeracademy.com and be sure to be on Kristina's email list for announcements!
What is the refund policy?
Due to the nature of this mentorship program, I cannot offer full refunds, but I whole-heartedly want you to reach your goals. I will work with you if something comes up and you need to postpone your work in this course.
Questions?  email info@gettotheart.com or DM @GettotheArt on Instagram
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