All I Want For Christmas*
Is My Own Art Style! 
*Insert Your Favorite Holiday
Do you wish you could give your artwork as gifts to your favorite people but feel like you've run out of time? 

December is here and most of us are finishing up our gift lists and picking which holiday celebrations we'll be going to and feeling a little anxious about it all.

Even if you're not a fan of Christmas, there are around 60 holidays celebrated in the month of December all around the world! (This is according to Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt!  But ... I'm just saying... there are a lot! So your favorite people are bound to be celebrating something!) 

Wouldn't you love to make a few gifts and also keep working on your art style at the same time?
Check out the plan for this simple 5-part class:

First, we'll look at our older work and pick some directions for our gifts.

Next, we'll make little studies/thumbnails to work out composition and color palettes.

Then, we'll commit to a plan and work, work, work, work! 
(making time to sip eggnog along the way)

As a BONUS, you'll receive positive feedback and info about finishing your pieces for gifting.

Best of all, you can gift this course to yourself for only $25! And, yes, you'll have lifetime access so you can go back and do it again for another holiday. (Mother's Day? Graduation?)

If this is making your eyes sparkle, enter your name and email below! I'll send you a free introductory worksheet and how to enroll. 

Check out what other students have said about my classes:
"Kristina is full of empathy, suggestions, structure, encouragement! She has your best interests at heart and she utterly believes in you!" - Sarah Danby

"She has been a huge support to me as I have gone from just thinking about making and selling art to actually having my art in some local shows." - Barb Marden

"I have gone from having muddled ideas about what I might be able to do, to feeling confident about what I am aiming for." - Theresa Miers
This simple holiday class will keep your creativity going strong!
you'll have special gifts for your most special people!
Kristina Solheim
I'm a business coach and mixed-media artist. My passion is to help artists build their businesses with ease, allowing plenty of space for creativity to flourish and my gift is translating all that "business-speak" into "creative-speak" so you can spend your time wisely as you grow your art business. I coach artists 1:1 (see more info here) and run Artful Career Academy  dedicated to career development for artists.  

You can reach me at
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