What is Business Coaching?
Feel like you have all the ideas but can't seem to get things done? 
Artists are visionaries.  They are deeply connected to their creativity and love the creating part of bringing their visions to life. But a lot of times, they get stuck in the execution of their ideas.  Right?

Artists truly are business owners and need systems that work together, seamlessly, to support their mission.  

Simply put, a business coach is someone farther ahead on your career path who can sift through all the business tools and systems out there and provide you with the knowledge you need at the right times.  She holds space for you and keeps an eye on the big picture.  She works for you! She is always on your side and ready to adjust the plan when there are bumps and detours in your path.
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Kristina Solheim Business Coach

Kristina Solheim, 
Mixed-Media Artist & Business Coach

I'm an artist just like you and I'm taking years of experience and knowledge of business systems to provide you with a supportive shortcut to your goals.  The best thing about coaching is that it is entirely driven by what you need most.
So, how can I help you?
  •  Clarity on the nitty-gritty steps to launch your business
  •  Set up a sinfully simple social media strategy
  •  Guidance on your brand
  •  Set up a schedule that is perfect for where you are right now in your life
  •  Design your first workshop or online course
  •  Create your Patreon page
  •  Get all the pesky technology to work together to move your business forward with ease
  •  Something else....?
Are you excited? Have you wanted someone in your corner for ages?  Let's chat and see if we are a good fit!  You can book a free introduction call below:
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