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Art is in the cards
A monthly membership made for you.

You're not alone! Hi, I'm Kristina Solheim and I've been a multi-passionate artist for 20 years and a business coach for the past three years. I know exactly how hard it is to get started in the studio and I know the daily struggles in juggling life and art. I've developed a set of tools to help myself get quickly into creative flow and I am happy to share it with you!

Each month, you receive a new set of tools to help you deepen your art practice and make the most of your valuable time.
Each month, you receive a themed toolkit:
Creativity cards

TOOL #1:  Creativity Cards

A printable digital download every month with four themed creativity cards (you can also opt to receive printed cards in the mail).  At the end of a year, you'll have a 48-card creativity deck. The categories are: 

Inner Work Cards- help you grow as an artist. (For example, the Routines & Rituals card has you examine how you can change up your routine or try a new ritual to get started in your studio space.)

Lightworker Cards- prompt you to take action in your community. (For example, the Web of Support card helps you examine actions you can take to increase your own support network and also help others.)

Art Tool Cards- art supplies to enhance your current art practice. (For example, The Camera card has you think about ways you can use a camera to enhance your current art whether using photos in a new way or taking pictures of your art in a new way.)

Guidance Cards- concepts to use in tandem with the other cards. (For example, if you pull the Creativity Guidance card alongside the Routines & Rituals Inner Work card- you are prompted to examine ways you can develop or change up your routine to get more in touch with your creative muse.)
Art is in the Cards Creativity

TOOL #2: Journaling Workbook

Each month's workbook will explore the theme, contain explanations for using the creativity cards, and optional resources for going deeper. Each card will be examined and then provide you with journaling questions for applying it to your own art practice. The key to the workbook is journaling to grow as an artist.
Creativity Workbook

TOOL #3: Meditation

Each meditation will help you to practice mindfulness and charge up that creative muse! Mindfulness and meditation are incredibly effective ways to get started quickly in one of your art-making sessions. It is a shortcut to creative flow! You'll be able to download the audio file for your own use.
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BONUS: Get front row for "re-BRAND Your Art Business" series.
The re-BRAND Your Art Business series will help you refresh your brand and make sure all your social media is working well together.  You'll get a chance to download the videos so you can watch whenever you like when you sign up for your first month of Art is in the Cards. This workshop series will be given live for FREE (email to get notified of the times) for a limited time. But, as part of AIITC, you'll get access to download the workshop so you can work at your own pace. 
These simple tools will help you deepen your art practice, save time in the studio, and encourage your confidence as an artist. 
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Try Art is in the Cards monthly membership- your first month is only $5
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  • 4 creativity cards in a printable PDF
  • 6-page workbook printable PDF
  • meditation- written and audio file
  • membership portal + community forum
  • First month is $5; annual option for one payment of $99
per month.
  • All the digital downloads PLUS:
  • monthly delivery of 4 printed creativity cards and workbook.
  • FIRST MONTH IS $5; annual option for one payment of $170
  • Printed option is only available in the U.S. right now. Email us to get a quote to for international postage.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Is this a monthly subscription or a course?
Art is in the Cards is a monthly membership which includes creativity cards, workbooks, meditations and an online community for further support. It is not a course. You will collect a deck of 48 creativity cards over 12 months.
Do I get printed cards?
When you sign up, you have the option to select a digital only membership ($10/month) or a digital + printed membership ($17/month). The digital downloads can be printed on your home printer and you'll find resources on how to do that in your membership portal. For everyone who signs up for the digital + printed option, you will still receive your first month for $5 (a savings of $12). If you sign up for the digital + printed option- each month, you'll receive a packet in the mail including a printed workbook plus that month's four creativity cards.  These cards will be 4.75" x 3.75" with rounded corners- printed on both sides on heavy, matte cardstock. By the end of 12 months, you will have 48 cards you can shuffle like a deck. The cards will be mailed out once per month.
How much does this cost?
You can try out the toolkit for $5 for your first month and $10/month after that.  The printed cards will be an additional $7 (U.S. only). International members should email me directly to see what the postage costs would be for the delivery of printed cards. This pricing structure is only available to founding members- folks who sign up before the end of May. After May, the costs of the program will be reevaluated for new members. Founding members will keep the lower cost even if the membership cost goes up. 
What is a "founding member"?
All members who sign up in April & May, when Art is in the Cards is launched, will be considered founding members and get special perks including the low cost of $10/month or $17/month depending on which option you sign up for.  At the end of May, the membership will be closed to new members so I can do some evaluation on how the project is running.  When it open again for new members, the monthly cost will be higher. Founding members will always have the lower cost.
Do you have a discount to pay for the whole year?
Yes! You can pay for the whole year instead of month-by-month. The digital only toolkit (with the printable PDF downloads) is $99/year (saving $16).  The digital + printed cards and workbook mailed within the U.S. is $170/year (saving $22). This pricing structure is only available to founding members- folks who sign up before the end of May.
What are creativity cards?
Creativity cards are a group of cards designed to form a structured deck with the goal of increasing your creativity. See our Instagram page for some examples. Sometimes creativity decks can be inspired by oracle or tarot decks, but others are completely original. Our deck has 12 cards in four categories with a total of 48 cards. You'll receive one of each category every month.  They will support that month's theme- for example: Toolkit #1 has the theme "Creative Flow" so the cards, workbook and meditation all support that theme. 
When will I get access to the first toolkit?
The toolkits will become available to you in your membership portal every 30 days from your date of joining. No matter which month you join, you will receive toolkit #1: Creative Flow immediately and then toolkit #2: Open Heart after 30 days and continue for as long as you are a member.
What is the bonus- 10-Step Studio Makeover?
The 10-Step Studio Makeover is a special bonus for all subscribers to Art is in the Cards.  You will automatically receive an email after May 1 with a link to the 10 audio downloads and the PDF checklist. This mini workshop is yours to keep! I hope it helps you take control of your space and make it work best for you.  
What if I want to cancel my membership?
You are free to cancel at any time, but due to the nature of digital downloads, your cancellation will start the following month and no refunds can be given. For example, if you cancel your membership on May 15, you will still have access to the May toolkit downloads, but your access will end at the end of the month.
What happens if I cancel my membership? Do I still get 30 Days to a New Studio Flow?
10-Step Studio Makeover is a special bonus for all subscribers to Art is in the Cards.  You will automatically receive an email with links to the downloads when you sign up for your trial membership. It is yours to keep, even if you cancel Art is in the Cards membership.
What happens after 12 months?
After 12 months, members will start with a new deck.  More info will come in January 2020.
Will there be a Facebook group?
No. After some consideration, I've decided to put everything into a membership portal website including a discussion forum.
Can I print the cards and share with my friends?
A lot of time, energy and money has gone into the creation of this program. The creativity cards are under copyright by Kristina Solheim and are available to you for personal use only. If you have friends who would love these cards, please direct them to this page to sign up.  I greatly appreciate your agreement to these terms. It should go without saying that you may not sell any portion of the materials received as a member. If you have any questions, just reach out to me by emailing
Upcoming themes:
Open Heart
Self-Care in a Self-Centered World
Living in the Present, not for the Future
Say Goodbye to Overwhelm

Yes, I need this creativity toolkit!
We respect your inbox and will keep your information confidential.  We will send you an emails related to Art is in the Cards and Get to the Art marketing, but you can unsubscribe at any time. Privacy and terms
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